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Banquet halls for company parties

The question of where to hold a company party arises before the management at least twice a year. Most often, this is the New Year and the company's birthday. But after all, many people gather on other occasions and holidays: the Eighth of March, the signing of a major deal, and many others. And here it is important to choose a banquet hall for a company party in which a pleasant atmosphere will reign suitable for informal communication.

Choose a banquet hall for any number of persons:
Stradivari Banquet Hall
Area of117 м2
capacity of 45 persons
Visconti Banquet Hall
Area of100 м2
capacity of 40 persons
Rossini Banquet Hall
Area of330 м2
capacity of 130 persons
Verdi-Bellini Banquet Hall
Area of110 м2
capacity of 45 persons
Vivaldi-Boccherini Banquet Hall
Area of60 м2
capacity of 25 persons
GRUT Banquet Hall
Area of117 м2
capacity of 300 persons
Tiberio Banquet Hall
Area of365 м2
capacity of 190 persons

Banquet hall features

When choosing a site for a company party, the following features should be considered:

  • Depending on the occasion, you may need a conference room.
  • The holiday fate depends on the allocated budget for the banquet as a whole.
  • You should consider the time of year. After all, banquet halls for company parties can be located both on an open and on a closed venue.

A few more factors on which the success of the company party depends on:

  • it is necessary to choose the cuisine that all employees prefer or the one where everyone will find a dish to their liking;
  • if the company's management is not against smoking, then it is necessary to order two halls: for smokers and for non-smokers, so that everyone feel comfort;
  • if you need additional entertainment, then you need to decide what it will be: karaoke, hookah, live music, all together or something else.


If you need a company party banquet, you can order it at Hotel «Milan» and get a number of advantages:

  • european service;
  • 8 banquet halls to choose from, each of them is different in style and size;
  • halls from 25 to 300 persons are available to order which will allow you to celebrate the holiday of almost any company;
  • availability of professional equipment;
  • qualified staff;
  • convenient location and you can always order a transfer to the hotel;
  • availability of own parking;
  • original cuisine and own craft brewery.

And this is not all the advantages that you can feel if you hold your banquet at Hotel «Milan» located in the Southern Administrative District of Moscow near the Domodedovskaya and Orekhovo metro stations.

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