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Banquet halls for the New Year

If you want the New Year's banquet to be held in an ideal atmosphere, you need to take care of booking a place for organizing the celebration in advance. Banquet halls for the New Year must meet a number of requirements. First of all, they should be quite spacious. Secondly, have an attractive and neat exterior. Otherwise, no decorations will help you "right the ship".

Choose a banquet hall for any number of persons:
Stradivari Banquet Hall
Area of117 м2
capacity of 45 persons
Visconti Banquet Hall
Area of100 м2
capacity of 40 persons
Rossini Banquet Hall
Area of330 м2
capacity of 130 persons
Verdi-Bellini Banquet Hall
Area of110 м2
capacity of 45 persons
Vivaldi-Boccherini Banquet Hall
Area of60 м2
capacity of 25 persons
GRUT Banquet Hall
Area of117 м2
capacity of 300 persons
Tiberio Banquet Hall
Area of365 м2
capacity of 190 persons

Features of the event

When choosing a hall, it is important to consider the event specifics. Banquet organizers should rely on the following features:

  • number of invited guests. Usually, a banquet for the New Year involves a large number of invited guests, from 15 persons and above;
  • types of tables. Banquet tables can be either square or round. They are covered with tablecloths and decorated depending on the event theme;
  • service. For the service of an average banquet, you will need a manager, an administrator, waiters and barmen. The number of service staff is selected individually and depends on the scale of the celebration;
  • type of serving. Banquet serving has a number of differences from the full one. On the guests' tables there are cutlery, plates, glasses and other attributes. You can always get help in serving tables of any complexity;
  • the method of seating guests. Usually, a banquet provides for a pre-planned seating arrangement of guests. So that those present are not confused, a sign or a card is placed on each place.

The banquet in Moscow for the New Year is an excellent solution for organizing a company party or a festive dinner in a large and friendly company of relatives and friends. You can choose any room to your liking and the experienced staff will take care of your comfort and good mood.


If you are planning a banquet in Moscow for the New Year, ask for the help of qualified specialists. The company's employees will take care of all the efforts. Among the advantages of such a solution, we can distinguish:

  • selection of the hall depending on the number of invited guests;
  • varied menu;
  • affordable prices;
  • opportunity to order a thematic decor.

Order a banquet hall for the New Year at Hotel «Milan» in the Southern Administrative District near the Domodedovskaya metro station. We will help you choose a suitable hall, organize high-quality service and decor.

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