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Banquet halls for graduation party

The graduation party organization is a hard task, the sites of Hotel «Milan» will be an excellent choice. You can choose a small hall for 25-35 persons, for example, Visconti with its luxury and sophistication or Vivaldi-Boccherini with its spaciousness and free arrangement of tables. Spacious banquet halls for graduation are also available, rent for 45, 120, 200 or more persons are offered. It offers a restaurant, a craft brewery, the best menu. We will do everything to make your party go perfectly.

Choose a banquet hall for any number of persons:
Stradivari Banquet Hall
Area of117 м2
capacity of 45 persons
Visconti Banquet Hall
Area of100 м2
capacity of 40 persons
Rossini Banquet Hall
Area of330 м2
capacity of 130 persons
Verdi-Bellini Banquet Hall
Area of110 м2
capacity of 45 persons
Vivaldi-Boccherini Banquet Hall
Area of60 м2
capacity of 25 persons
GRUT Banquet Hall
Area of117 м2
capacity of 300 persons
Tiberio Banquet Hall
Area of365 м2
capacity of 190 persons


Choose the perfect place for your event, the party in any of the halls will be successful. The main positive aspects in favor of Hotel «Milan»:

  1. Banquet halls for graduation parties in Moscow were created with the involvement of talented interior designers. The design will satisfy the most pretentious visitor, and the restaurant will help you have a great time, get great photos and videos.
  2. Professional support from the staff and management. Graduation banquets are always held at the highest level.
  3. A good menu with desserts, banquet dishes, original and classic cuisine of different types.
  4. Arrangement with spectacular furniture, decor, addition with reliable equipment. Comfortable tables with tablecloths, comfortable chairs, luxurious stucco molding or modern solutions – you can choose.
  5. Availability of space for equipment, DJ, presenter.

Order a banquet hall

For ordering a hall or choosing a more suitable room, please contact our manager. Photos of all the halls can be found on the website, we are located in the Southern Administrative District of Moscow near the airport, so the entrance is convenient by car, taxi, metro. We will hold the graduation party of your dreams considering all the requirements. Book the event date in advance! Perfect cleanliness, table setting, decor and service are guaranteed.

Order a banquet hall
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Our managers will contact you as soon as possible.

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