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Dry cleaning and laundry

On the road, clothes and accessories get dirty faster. After checking into the hotel, it is often found that a stain has formed on the most prominent place of the bag or suit, and the fur collar has become greasy. What to do?

You can try to cope with the contamination yourself, but in this case you risk irrevocably spoiling the product. In addition, there are many pollutants against which ordinary household remedies are powerless. Therefore, the best way out is to immediately use the dry cleaning service.

If you have settled near the Domodedovskaya, Shipilovskaya metro station or at Hotel «Milan» itself, you will not have to go far. The hotel building has its own laundry room with dry cleaning. Bring a dirty thing here, and soon you will get it back absolutely clean.

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6 reasons to choose our dry cleaning service

Modern equipment

Such equipment allows you to perform operations that household washing machines cannot cope with.

Experienced staff

Who is well versed in the nuances of handling various materials.

eco-friendly technologies

Dry cleaning is carried out using the latest, environmentally friendly technologies. Chlorine-containing preparations that leave toxic compounds on clothing are not used for cleaning clothes. Even allergic people can use clothes directly after dry cleaning which not every laundry in Moscow can offer.

Urgent washing

In the evening, a speech at a conference, and you, as luck would have it, put a stain on the suit? For everybody who finds themselves in such a situation, the laundry at Hotel Milan offers urgent laundry and dry cleaning services. You will receive a clean cloth in a maximum of 3-4 hours.

Individual approach

An individual cleaning program is selected for each clothing item. The preparations dissolve fat and other impurities without affecting the fiber structure which eliminates the risk of deformation of the product.

multidisciplinary approach

We accept products made of any fabrics, down jackets, soft toys, home textiles for processing. The list of services also includes cleaning and washing of uniforms, children's and work clothes, laundry and bedding.

To find out the prices for laundry and dry cleaning, as well as to get detailed information, you may call +7 (495) 648-93-07
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