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Pillow menu

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A full night's rest largely depends on the degree of comfort of the pillow. However, a pillow that is comfortable for one person will not necessarily be so for another.Therefore, it is better to choose it "as one sees fit" using a special menu.

The choice of pillows at Hotel «Milan» is a guarantee of a strong and healthy sleep away from home. The list contains products with different types of fillers which allows you to choose an option for any tastes and needs.

Don't know which pillow to choose?
Bamboo pillow
Bamboo pillows have a lot of advantages over pillows with conventional fillers: environmentally friendly, has powerful antibacterial properties, hypoallergenic, makes it possible to breathe freely. The bamboo pillow contains cellulose which is made of raw environmentally friendly material – bamboo.
Orthopedic pillow
Thanks to its unique filling, the pillow provides a supportive effect, and its ergonomic shape helps to relax the muscles during sleep. This extraordinary pillow helps every part of your body to take the most comfortable position.
Anti-pressure pillow
The Anti-pressure pillow relaxes the neck and spine muscles as much as possible, thereby causing a cosmetic effect of the face freshness reducing swelling and bruising under the eyes. Improves blood supply, breathing and ventilation of the lungs during sleep.
Anti-allergenic pillow
The special coating of the upper layer of the pillow guarantees complete protection from fungi, moths and microorganisms. The pillow is suitable for any age.
Downy pillow
Down is a breathable filler that easily shrinks and takes the shape of a body, enveloping it with warmth like a cloud. Down has the ability to retain a large amount of air, thus forming a heat-insulating shell around the body. Thanks to special treatment, washing and sterilization, our downy blankets and pillows do not cause allergies.

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