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About the confectionery

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Since the opening of Hotel «Milan» in 2007, our confectioners have been making sweet handmade masterpieces – stylish and classic, multi-tiered and small, bright birthday cakes, fabulous children's cakes and original surprises for loved ones, festive cakes and original pastries, birthday cakes and large wedding cakes. The latter are especially and deservedly popular with newlyweds who celebrate their holidays in our hotel every weekend.

Our confectionery will develop the design of any cake for you according to your desire and taste. You can order a cake and get the necessary information by calling +7 (495) 648-92-92

All this confectionery miracle is created by the pastry chef of Hotel «Milan» Natalia Nikulina and her team of enthusiastic professionals. The winner of numerous contests and confectionery festivals, Natalia Nikulina has not only extensive experience working with the world's leading confectioners but also a unique talent of an artist and aesthete which helps her to surprise even regular guests of the hotel with her cakes every time.

Natalia's team of confectioners prepares cakes and pastries on a by-order basis from natural ingredients – fresh juicy fruits and berries, high-quality wheat and almond flour, whole cream, tender light cottage cheese and freshly prepared jellies.

All the work of our confectioners is a real art. All the elements of the original decor are created by a team of pprofessionals whose inspiration, unique sugar patterns, sweet flower compositions and berry palettes turn exclusive cakes and pastries not just into delicious confectionery but into a bright pleasant emotion of happiness and admiration.

Our confectionery will develop the design of any cake for you according to your desire and taste. Our cakes can become not only a wonderful table decoration but also an interesting and memorable gift for friends and family.


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